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The habits that a reames will exhibit while inhebriated. Having absolutley no resposiblity in life leaves reames's a lot of down time most of which is spent being very drunk. Some of the things that will help you identify a reames ruckus: Absolutly no motor skills or coordination at all i.e. smashing into things, stumbling over ones own feet, repeating ones self over and over again in inaudable jibbrish, cursing and telling terrible jokes at very inapropriate times, depositing half of anything that the reames eats onto their face and clothes. Receiving citations for public intoxication and being annoying to everybody around of sound mind. The mess left after a reames ruckus is always left to be cleaned up by another indivdual that the reames perceives to have any sense of responsibility. This happens because of the habit being nurtured and accepted for almost all of the reames's life.
by S.K. Rango January 24, 2009
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