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Real Life Superheroes is a grassroots movement of people that dress up in superhero attire and works in a fun, exciting, and inspirational fashion to make the world a better place. They use the iconicism of comic book superheroes to make a difference, inspire others, spread a positive message, and call attention to issues in thier communities. Real Life Superheroes work to make the world a better place by doing civic activities, charity work, public safety patrols, hospital visits, school talks, distributing wanted and missing person fliers, helping the homeless, community clean ups, and more.
Thier main objective is to inspire others. They hope through thier actions they can inspire others to go out and do good, help others, and stand up for what they believe in. They have an online headquarters
Real Life Superheroes are out trying to make the world a better place.
by RLSH November 05, 2008
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Individuals inspired by the fictional comic book superheroes, which perform civic activities, public safety patrols, charity work and other pro social acts.
ABC News and NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! radio program interviewed Terrifica, a New York City-based woman who patrols bars and parties in an effort to protect inebriated women in danger of being taken advantage of by men.
The BBC reported on Angle-Grinder Man 2, a British self-described "wheel-clamp superhero" who uses an angle grinder to cut wheel clamps off vehicles in Kent and London.
CNN covered Mexico City's Superbarrio, who wears red tights and a red and yellow wrestler's mask. Rather than fight crime and corruption with violence, he uses his unique image to organize labor rallies and protests, and file petitions.
The Age described Polarman of Iqaluit, Canada, whose primary interests are shoveling the snow off sidewalks during the day, and patrolling the streets for criminals at night.
The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Brokenman, a costumed Australian who created fake crime scenes with chalked body outlines to highlight his views.
The Detroit Free Press reported on Jackson, Michigan superhero Captain Jackson, who is an "officially sanctioned independent crime fighter." He and his team the Crimefighter Corps, regularly patrol Jackson's downtown area do volunteer/community work and report any crimes that they see.
Intake Weekly and FOX59 News interviewed Mr. Silent who regularly patrols the Indianapolis area along with his partner Doktor DiscorD. Comic book writer Warren Ellis Blogged about their growing superhero team called the "Justice Society of Justice".
WTOP news In Washington DC reported on Metrowoman who uses a superhero costume and identity to spread information on using mass transit and the ecological benefits of using public transportation in the Washington DC Metro region.
WTSP News did a story on Superhero, a police advocate in Clearwater, Florida who provides roadside assistance in a 1975 Corvette Stingray. The Canadian show "TV Made Me Do It" ran an episode about Superhero in November of 2007.
The Washington Post reported a story about superheroes Captain Prospect and Justice who are real life superheroes and members of the Capital City Super Squad in Washington DC.
Central Florida NEWS Channel 13 did a story on "Team Justice," a group of costumed superheroes giving Christmas gifts to the homeless.
The Twin Cities-based newspaper City Pages ran a story focusing on the general population of the Superheroes.
ABC's Nightline news program interviewed real-life superheroes Squeegeeman and Captain Xavier Obvious, who patrol New York City. The heroes have also been documented in Radar Magazine, Timeout NY Magazine, and HDNET's Deadline.
The Portland, Oregon-based newspaper Willamette Weekβ€œreported on Zetaman and his patrols consisting of seeking out the needy with gifts of food and clothing. This was later reported on the Portland-based ABC affiliate, KATU, and CNN.
The Salt Lake City-based newspaper, SLC Salt Lake City Weekly reported on the patrols of The Black Monday Society and the costumed identities of its team members Insignis, Ghost, Ha!, Oni, and Silver Dragon. FOX News Salt Lake City,Utah Ran a story on the Black Monday Society on 8/11/08 3 did an article on the real Superhero Community on 8/6/08
The New York Daily News's online site did an article on three costumed superheroes patrolling NY on 10/9/08.
by The Real Life Superheroes November 05, 2008
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