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The more the more the more gas that i huff it fuckn makes me insane and then i do these stupid things and have nobody to blame like robbin liqour stores and fuckin punchin old ladies curb stompin whitieys slappin bitches and shakin there babies

Yes im a indian thats right 100 percent cree i hang out downtown in a bus shack always drinkin ov nice fuckin shoes you dont mind if i try them on HOLY SHIT THEY FUCKIN FIT nai boy consider them gone

I put the nate back into native i dont know my own name drunk as a skunk cant even walk an alwasy feelin the same im always pukin cause im hammared passin out on the bench HOLY jesus fuckn god wat is that stench-me

the rcmp always chasing me cause im smelly fuckn native and i cant even see

the rcmp always chasin me cause i beat up my wife with a branch from a tree

rcmp always chasin me cause i stole 6 cases of mr clean

the rcmp always chasin me cause i stink

NAI boyyy
by ben12345654321 March 13, 2007
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