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Same meaning as the infamous houdini, yet there is final task for the great magician. Not only must the magician have the woman in the "doggy-style position" against a window with ample exterior lighting, pull out without getting caught, allow his friend to enter the zone without getting caught, sneak out of the room without getting caught, but the condom must also be miraculously dangling in the hands of the great wonder of our time outside the window while his friend is continuing penetration.

A girl who will call Jane Doe was friends with many of the girls who were duped by the Great Houdini. She was intrigued and perplexed by the great mastermind. It even went as far as her approaching Houdini and falling into his vacuum of love. She fell for it once, and went back again to trick the mastermind himself, this time bringing a mirror and somehow getting it to the bedroom near the window.
Jane Doe: I can't believe I not only fell for the Houdini, but I also fell for the Raw Houdini. I know I stared at the mirror the entire time, particularly closely when his unit was removed for short periods of time. Even worse, the mastermind was dangling his condom outside of the window when he made his marvelous escape.
by Raw Houdini Of JDate May 07, 2009
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