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1. A Penn State University dance team, known for their many styles of hip-hop primarily breakdancing. Also known as RAM Squad.

2. Raw Aesthetic Movements, also known as R.A.M. Squad is a hip hop and break dancing student organization on campus. They are an open organization that accept people of all dance levels from no experience and up. They focus on all forms of hip hop dance such as popping, locking, BBoying/Bgirling, hip hop choreography, waving, house, krumping, etc. Their goal is to promote hip hop culture in a positive light at Penn State and educate students about all the forms of hip hop dance. They've performed at numerous events at Penn State including THON, talent shows, multi-cultural events, homecoming, etc. They host dance workshops to educate students at Penn State by taking classes with professionals such as The Jabbawockeez, Gigi Torres, Chantha Mao, Brian Puspos and many others. They've opened for performers such as Omarion and Super Cr3w. They also host Rhythm Spotlight, an annual one x one All Styles and 2 x 2 Breakdance competition on campus.

3. They are not just dancers they are a family; RAMily.

4. A group of open, entertaining and very diverse people who attend PSU that share a passion for dance.
It's the Rawness that gives us the Aesthethic mind to display such creative Movements.

Guy 1: Hey did you go out Sunday night?
Guy 2: Yea, I totally saw RAM Squad kill it!

Man, "Android" is such a collaboration of Raw Aesthetic Movements.
by xRAMAlyx April 29, 2010
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