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Within the hardstyle community, a raw goblin is somebody who strictly listens to raw hardstyle (aka. rawstyle). They are commonly identified by being white, overweight, sporting tattoos and a scraggly beard, and typically wearing jeans and black t shirt. They often sport merchandise from their favourite raw label, Spoontech. At events, raw goblins will be found towards the back, angrily fist pumping (kick rolling) and making goldfish motions with their mouths. Raw goblins tend to stick together, and are also known to lambast all other attendees for not being there "for the music".

Raw goblins insist that there is no other genre apart from raw hardstyle, and that all artists are either raw or wrong. Raw goblins hold strong opinions about the inclusion of hardstyle songs into sets of DJs from other genres, even though they will never attend a non-raw hardstyle set.

Raw goblins are typically hard of hearing, from belting Spoontech trash at such high volume. The Spoontech-induced tinnitus causes raw goblins to always be on edge, and will start a Facebook fight with any 'casual' at the slightest provocation.

Raw goblins are the scourge of the hardstyle scene.
Listen to how Ben is mouthing off about Hardwell playing one hardstyle song at Ultra Miami... he is such a raw goblin.

Nice Malice and Rooler shirt you have there. You must be a raw goblin.
by meekomoko December 19, 2016
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