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This is a phenomenon that occurs frequently during football games played by the Baltimore Ravens. Mysteriously, during games, particularly during close games, penalties occur which are seen by no one else but the league officials on the field. These penalties occur at critical times during the game and always go against Baltimore.

Any complaint or protest against these penalties is met with a smug and sanctimonious lecture from the league and/or fans of the opposing team. Media types occasionally notice this phenomenon, but some actually are in on the conspiracy. The few who have the courage to speak the truth are generally ignored or accused of being delusional. Thus, the lies and dishonesty are allowed to continue unabated.
And Pittsburgh gets another first down! That holding penalty against the Ravens must have happened really fast, because nobody saw, those officials have sharp eyes! Unless, of course, this is a Raven Rip-Off, but we're not supposed to talk about that.
by Saiga12 April 15, 2011
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