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A sugary sweet concoction that tastes great on Roflwaffles. Only created by somone of extreme Pwnzerism
Steve:Omg did you see that shot
Jesus:Yeah that was like Roflwaffle with some raple syrup on top
by Gorilla Thumbs January 25, 2009
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The equivalent in gaming of opening a can of whoop ass. Pwning your competitors throughout an entire game or session.
"OMG, I poured raple syrup all over you, taste it!"
by David Milton December 31, 2005
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the mixture of rape and syrup, two of the best things in one.. Used to make roflwaffles taste better.
Bob: "MMM these roflwaffles taste real good!"
Joe: "Yeah, You know what would make them even better?"
Bob: meh
Joe: no....Raplesyrup!
by Zack Lawrence January 03, 2007
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