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Shitty ass cucks with no skill that have to download to get masters division. Hated by the community and the staff don't give a shit. 5 year olds that try to prove their legit. Some I do forgive (A0E IRodALot and some others). They do deserve to go to hell and burn, can't atleast try cancer kids that use their moms credit card instead of own money. Hitler killed the wrong people, I hope staff gets better on hypixel so I can enjoy ranked again. Please help the community.
Hi I'm ArasX and I expose ranked cheaters like myself , most of the ones I expose are really bad and always legit. I have -.000000000000000000001 braincells and my fanbase is full of retarded 12 year olds. Then after I admit I try to switch to pot PvP to leech off of pot pvp youtubers for money. I come back to hypixel like nothing happened and try to play myself off as the most legit person in the world I AM JESUS OMG.
by Tropicalfire April 23, 2018
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