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A sub-species of Homo-sapiens mainly populating the suburbs of Rancho San Diego (other variants are known to populate La Mesa and Spring Valley).

Though not actually rats, they garnered this nickname through the general sleaziness and trashy manner in which they operate.

Their daily routine consists of going on bottle runs, getting into fights, yelling at respectable shop owners 'cause they "didn't do nuffin", buying and selling xanax, drinking cough syrup, and doing anything they can get their hands on. Nearly every member has been "caught up" at some point.

Though many see them as dangerous, they are generally docile creatures who will not become aggressive unless provoked. Do not confuse non-violence with kindness as they will not hesitate to steal, mooch, or Gip you if the slightest opportunity arises.

Separating themselves from Gangbangers, these degenerates have no unifying identity or ideology and are generally a biracial pack of hooligans.

They can be found in their natural habitat at the ralphs shopping center.
Hey Jon can we take the other way home? I'd rather not run into rancho rats scurrying around
by anyone above 12 April 28, 2017
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