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A high school in the East Ramapo Central School District. A bit mellow than Spring Valley High, but you know what they say. Kids hanging out in the halls, that's what you'll see when you take trip here. Lot more things too like

- Kids having three study halls
- Or three lunches
- Barely anything to do in school because of cuts
- Aforementioned cuts caused by the poorly run district
- Not much to do after school
- Marching Band... What Marching Band?
- Over crowded classes
- Building needing much repair
- Horrible test scores
- The amount of immaturity
- No one cares no more
- Etc.

So think twice before coming here cause, I'm pretty sure

there are plenty of great high schools with a better community standing and higher student morale in Rockland.
If you care about your education and want get the most of it, Go somewhere else. Because your not gonna get here.

Ramapo High School
by SleepyOwl December 16, 2012
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