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Someone who breakes into anothers house, colgs their toilet, then makes off with their plungers.
When I got back from vacation, I discovered my house had been attacked by a ram burglar.
by Taylor William Hilmoe December 28, 2008
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Just a funny and upbeat way of saying homosexual. First introduced on a skit from Adult Swim from the show Robot Chicken. This is from where Adam and Steve (Adam and Eve) are naming animals and Steve wishes to call a zebra a ramburglar. Hilarious.
"Where is Cheryl?"
"She is out with one of her man friends."
"You are not worried?"
"No, why should I? He is the king of queens."
"You mean he is a ramburglar?"
"You got it."
by soyousay! June 02, 2008
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A guy who thinks he's italian, has a rabid taste for fruity umbrella drinks that he insists are not "girly", and has an appearance reminiscent of any number of effeminate male anime characters. Do not leave drinks unprotected around this person, and always keep your pants on.
by Unexpected Male Pregnancy February 10, 2010
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