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1. When one is killed by a fragmentation, plasma, sticky, or bio greNADE.
2.Ralph Naderer, some annoying ass young chillad usually around the age of 10 that constantly goes around in a fps game picking up grenades and spam throwing them until till opponent dies. they constantly are "Ralph Nadering" opponents and picking up their grendades to repeat the process. they Never give up on their nade throwing or shut up, just as the real Nader never knew to shut the fuck up and did not know that everyone else hated him .
1. SHIT dude i had no fucking shield and that /\/008 over there just ralph naderd me.
2. FUCKING piece of SHIT, that little prepubescent ralph naderer just fucking spams nades all over the fucking suck on your moms titties lil faggot ass bitch you fucking suck at this game.
by HARDKORE February 12, 2008
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