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A grape who grew up on a Mexican Grape Vineyard in a bunch with his familia. One day, they got ripe and were picked. But just when the barefoot fat lady came to squish them into wine, a flamingo swooped in and carried him away. He was the only survivor of the Great Grape Holocaust of 1990. So the flamingo flew him to her home with the fuckin' penguins. The flamingo tried to eat him, but realized she didn't like grapes. So she spit him out onto a rock and there he dried. While his insides were evaporating, he found many bits of straw and wheat which he was able to weave into his very own sombrero. When he finally put it on, he realized it had magical powers! It gave him arms and legs. (Which were retractable for safety reasons.) And he wandered away from the rock as the one and only Raisin Man Browno.
Isn't that Raisin Man Browno?
by PumpkinFuck June 20, 2010
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