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A rather enjoyable sexual activity that involves a male shitting (preferably diarrhea) into a woman's vagina while she is well into her period. After the shit is thoroughly stuffed into it's proper crevice, the crap/period-blood mixture is then queefed onto the face of the male participant while he repeats the phrase "I'm a pretty pony" until the last drop has been queefed out of the vagina. After this step is complete, the male removes the glass dildo (Note: try to use glass to cut down on the environmental impact of plastics!) from his ass, and the female then super glues it to his forehead. While this step is going on, the female must repeat "You're a pretty pony" until the glass dildo has been secured to the forehead.

It is not uncommon for the man to then ejaculate at this time from the sheer sexual energy of this act. If that happens, simply collect the cum and apply it to the male's face to augment the shit and the period-blood. However this is not necessary.

Finally, go outside and have the male walk on all fours while the female rides on the male's back. This should elicit applause from every person you encounter. A great way to make friends.
I didn't think too much of our neighbors, but after I saw their Rainbow Unicorn Promenade I think they are perhaps the most interesting couple on the street!
by October VanDouchlehemier July 24, 2010
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