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Stands for Rabid Anti-Gay Ignorant Tool, refers mostly to decent individuals whose lack of education allows them to be manipulated by people like Jerry Falwell into an angry homophobic froth. Used as a derogatory term by homosexuals for heterosexuals. Rhymes with faggot.
Person 1- John is starting to piss me off with all this gay bashing.
Person 2. He read Jerry Falwells, the little Ragit.
by Nasir da Queer August 03, 2005
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Ragits stands for Rabid Anti-Gay Ignorant Tools: Noun; usually pertains to decent people who are stirred into an ignorant homophobic frenzy by people like Jerry Falwell or Ralph Reed. They have undying faith in the "Gay Agenda" and are working to save America from 'immorality'.
John thinks gays are out to recruit his children, and redecorate his home. He has been watching to much of the 700 Club.
by Nasir Tajvidi June 29, 2005
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