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A bad ass motherfucker who will knock you out for pissing them off in the least bit. disrespecting them is the stupidist thing you will ever do. but they're hella tight and will be friends with anyone until you loose thier respect. -RAGE RIDERZ AZ 623- a group of opinionistic and down ass G's, currently residing in the 623. pot smokers, troublemakers, and fun ass motherfuckers.
-yo homie who the fuck is that messin with them rage riderz?
-IDK doode, but he's fuckin stoopid do you remember the hoe who called out KRAYZIE?
-nah who?
-her name isn't importent but they call her monster now, KRAYZIE put that hoe in ICU!!
-dang KRAYZIE's fuckin insane, but damn she's fine.
by Dolla. January 30, 2009
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