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WARNING! Let it be known.... Radiohead is a decent band & this is not an attack on the SENSIBLE fans/band in anyway .
However, a particular type of their fan base is well known for employing Jehovah Witness like mentality on people who dislike/ have no opinion on the aforementioned band.
Radiohead Elitism is a complex that usually develops in the late teens - early/mid 20's although some fans never outgrow the mentality.

The typical Radiohead Elitist is often in attendance at some prestigious college for something like say.. med school.

while often intelligent, commonly they are also smarmy, pompous, turtle-neck wearing douches.

Radiohead Elitists will compare all & any band to their Idolized band, proclaiming how much more "advanced", "diverse, complex and experimental" the almighty Radiohead is in comparison to any other band.. regardless of how un-alike the 2 are.

Worst of all, typical Radiohead Elitists will try to insinuate, if you DARE say that Thom Yorke and the gang are overrated, critics completely kiss their ass, or simply that you do not like them ...that this is simply because you "do not understand them" "they are too far from the mainsteam that you listen to".

This know-it-all Reborn Christian mentality alienates countless potential fans and can make enjoying/listening to Radiohead quite difficult. YES thats right ....DIFFICULT to ENJOY RADIOHEAD!

Such fans can be dealt with by simply calling out Musical Elitists on their snobbery.
A: Radiohead are alright, Theres a handfull of songs I like but as a whole, they are IMO VERY overrated.

B: Thats okay, it took me a while to get into Radiohead, I didnt start liking them until I had fully matured, their pretty experimental, I wouldnt expect someone like you who listens to a lot of main stream and bands following in their footsteps to "Get" them

A: Oh god! a Radiohead Elitist.... Ive heard of them but Ive never seen one for myself before.

B: Just because you cant UNDERSTAND THEM! go listen to your RadioheadLite Coldplay and your shitty Beatles! Matt Bellamy and all those tossers are shit compared to Thom Yorke....Thom Yorke is A GOD!

A: You are such a smug little pompous prick!
I listen to ALL kind of music, because Im open minded unlike you.
I dont refuse to worship Radiohead because Im not mature enough to handle them, or because my little "mainsteam" mind cant take it
I just dont think theyre all that great, and your attitude is only going to make me like them even less.... so fuck off!

B: D:<
by 9_0g October 13, 2010
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