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A single (one) cup of Joe. Highly reactive with humans, radical coffees generally follow the steady state approximation, ie the quantity does not build up because it is rapidly consumed. Free radical coffee, that is Java unbound by monetary exchange requirements, is even more labile such that it may react with a given human multiple times.

By contrast paired cups of coffee are not nearly as reactive, although there remains considerable debate regarding the degeneracy of the orbitals (approximated as "pots") from whence they came; and, if even degenerate, whether coffee is indeed subject to Hund's Rule. Further study (and funding please?) is needed to elucidate the nature of multiple filled coffee cups.
"Hey Paul, could you grab Bobby Jo a cup of Joe for the seminar? He's running late."
"I would but it's already gone. Man that free radical coffee went like LiHMDS at a proton convention"

The author would like to point out that it is improbable (at best!) to use the word "whence" correctly whilst under the influence of radical coffee.
by Big Diggity April 03, 2015
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