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An ex Halo2 player that retired. Mainly destroyed all his victims with the sniper rifle. Know for his sniper rifle, and for only laughing in many conversations. Played with his clan Raynne Terr. Some members worth naming, Gaintbobcat, Tupee, Goteverclear, Hellknight, Shadow.

The tag Radd Kuhnt has been changed many times but the word Kuhnt is offending on Xbox Live. So now the tag is another name that will not be send due to advertisement issues.

May you rest in peace old friend.
Nub1: Dang, is that Radd Kuhnt!
Nub2: O'h shit!
Gaintbobcat: Eat a sack lunch!
Radd Kuhnt: hahaha, Fuk.

by Radd Fan January 03, 2008
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