A racist prick is a person that uses phrases like "jungle meat", "jungle love", "jungle milk", or utilizes the word "jungle" "nigger" "wetback" "wigger" "Chink" "Ching-Chong" "Jap" etc in reference to people of color or to denigrate people of their own (white) race that choose to interact with and have a relationship on a regular basis with people of another race. These people are often the product of inbreeding, a poor education, poverty, and, on occasion, an outlook based on privilege or lack of contact with others of another race that does not enable them to see others that are not like themselves in appearance as fellow human beings or equals. It is indicative of our fallen nature as humans that racism is still in existence today. The Urban Dictionary is one such place that is full of phrases coined by racist pricks.
"Look at that girl over there talking like she's straight from the ghetto. You know she ain't nothin but jungle meat."

(response) "Wow, man. You should hear yourself. You sound like one hell of a Racist Prick!"
by Evolved34 May 1, 2012