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A Racial Donation happens when a black male politely asks a random white male for money , then the white male gives the black male 3-5 dollars, simply for the fact that the white male is scared to death of the strange black male because he is black and the white male does not want to be stabbed, shot, raped or be infected by the black male, but the white male acts as if he isnt scared and is just being polite back.
Black male: Excuse me sir, my family and I are tryin to get to California, but we don't have any money and we need to buy some gas to get home, i'd really appreciate it if you could help a brotha out.

White Male: Uhhh Ya, no problem buddy.

(white male gives black male 3 dollars)

Black male:Thank you so much, God Bless

White Male's friend (who is also white): Dude, you didn't have to give that guy any money

White Male: It was more of a Racial Donation
by Jimbag September 02, 2009
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