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A solitary game that one can indulge themselves in when having to take a piss. The rules are relatively simple. You flush first, then begin pissing. Try and finish pissing before the toilet completely flushes and you win. If you can't finish your piss before the water comes back up, you have been defeated.

Once you're defeated you have several options; you can flush the toilet again, or leave the remaining urine in the toilet to develop a filthy ring around the inside - punishing the toilet for its victory.

A variable in the equation for victory in this game is how long it takes for your toilet to flush. I'd say the average flush time for a toilet is around 15 seconds, give or take 2-3 seconds depending on water level.

This is predominately a game for men, since we take pisses standing up, we have a more clear view into the toilet than women do, hence, a better way of judging if we actually beat the flush or not.

I know i'm not the only one who's done this before, in fact, i'm sure countless people have done this and have just never thought of it as a game/idea, nonetheless actually fucking name it.
Drunk Guy: Dude...I just fuckin tried to race the flush and I didn't even come close..
by ChrisBrownismyfather May 15, 2008
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