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A new level of douchebaggery usually characterized by the following:

1. Referring to himself in the third-person usually accompanied by a lame nickname

2. Pretending to know a lot about everything when actually knowing nothing

3. Pretending to be a hip-hop artist and making songs using only: "YO Yo Yo" and "NO NO NO" that make no sense at all

4. Making up lame sayings and repeating them excessively e.g. "The world is BLACK and your in it"

5. Backbiting but not having the guts to say anything upfront

6. Pretending to be a goody two shoes and criticizing others about their personal lives

7. Poking their noses in other people's businesses when their opinion is not asked for but chickening out when sth serious concerns them

8. Begging for sympathy when they're down and doing some more backbiting about the very people who've helped them get on their feet

9. Having wannabe slaves around to walk on when in need

10. Sticking like glue to the only girl you've known in your entire life and telling everyone you are the sole protector of the "most beautiful girl in the world"

and by the way RSF stands for "Roktakto Shuor-marka Fapor-baaj" which is bangla for Bloody Swine Backstabber
So far i have only met one douchebag worthy enough to be categorized under the RSF Level and that is the king of RSFs himself!
by > τητ < November 11, 2009
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