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RSD; an abbreviation for Ryan Scott Depuy.
Depuy, known around his real hometown of Lake Stevens was killed by the prescription chemicals that are available to the public.

RSD was the Sticker based on a specific soccer number: 23.

Currently, their is one sign in Everett, WA that signifies Ryan's Solution;

The Honor of the East Lake Stevens HipHop Club Association or the HipHop Club.

Our efforts have never come up short, nor do we anticipate failing any time soon.

Because of good influences like the Wake Boarding-Soccer Playing-Baseball Skate boarder, that loved to swim, we, as a community separated the good from the bad and can only fight this battle one day at a time.
E. LAKE HipHop Assoc.
In Memory of RSD #23

E.Lake Hip-Hop Assoc.
In Memory of Ryan Scott Depuy #23

Chosen By God RSD-#23
by googlespander-gold-mine April 09, 2013
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