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Someone who only listens to only the new popular Red Hot Chili Pepper songs like "By the way", "Dani California" and, "Californication". Those who do this don't listen to fleas badass bass playing or the greatness of Kiedis's lyrics. These pleople should not get the pleasure of being alowed to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers music.
Me: Yo im going to a Chili peppers concert

RHCP sucker: Sweet can i come

Me: No you dont even know any of thier songs

RHCP sucker: ya i do

Me: Okay name three besides "By the way", "Dani California", and "Californication

RHCP sucker: ummmmmmm. thats not fair those are the only three i know

Me: see you suck. your nothing but a RHCP sucker
by Hesis August 20, 2006
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