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Which stands for reo grande valley ghettos. Basically like ghettos who call white kids niggas, get bad grades, wear air jordans to "look cool."
Also they wear their new shoes for a week and then o its old now. And wear Abercrombie and bitch everywhere. They sag their pants all the way to their knees and wear big ass shirts all the way to their ankles. Also they don't give a shit about school. I mean why show up. So you won't get in trouble or what. But they are Mexican and speak Spanish. And their parents or te's or some shit have huge tabs and work at the pulga. Also their spoiled cuz their parents get them whatever they want, but with phones hey have no phone plan so in class when the teacher ain't lookin they play on it or if the school iPads o the teacher can't see me so after the 20th time it gets taken away I don't learn. Also if the school gives out something expect their parents to be the first ones. But let's say a school gives out ipad for 50 bucks, they let them pay it for 10 dollars each month, but are in front of the people that are gonna pay the full 50 bucks. Fuck u all RGV ghettos!
Ghettofag1: hey nigga
White kid:Umm my skin whiter than yours so your insulting your self
*Other ghettos show up*
White kid: losers can't defend yourselves so u get big people to do it
Otherghettos: yea that right Nigaa oo we just playin
Police: yea u aint so get your asses to class
White kid: thanks I hate RGV ghettos
by Sumkidzatskool June 26, 2013
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