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Someone who has been a member of the site for almost as long as it has been in existance and has had to endure watching the once original site turn into a dead end of rape fantasies with anime/harrypotter/vampires/bands and other unorginal trash. A Quizilla Veteran is bitter about the lack of tallent and the fact that well written, original stories remain in the underground.
Quizilla Vet: If I see another fucking emo romance or lemon on the highest rated...
Quizilla Newbie1: OmG!!!1 I heart all of the Gerard Way lemons soooo much!!
Quizilla Vet: Please, go play in the traffic.
Quizilla Newbie: STFU!!!1 You Quizilla Vets lyk totally dunt understand real tallent. biatch!
by MercifulDeath October 30, 2007
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