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When one scribes manuscripts with a quill and ink, the wrist becomes stiff and tender.

This word originated in England in the 15th century, before the printing press was in use, royal orders were made to reproduce religious manuscripts in the interest of theological preservation. It was common for these scribers to develop this condition, and they would proclaim "thou wrist hast been stricken by the curse of the quill!" They were given permission usually from a Baron or Count to break from their scribing duties.

The term quill wrist continues to be used today, as quill scribing still affects the wrist as it did in 15th century England
Scriber William: Thou wrist hast been stricken by the curse of the quill!
Count James: Be this true? hast thou quill wrist?
Scriber William: Yes Count, this be true
Count James: Very well, you may break William
by Dr. Williamson, PHD November 15, 2011
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