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The akward silence followed by hostility that quieter guys experience when talking to a girl. However, if a more outspoken guy says the exact same thing, it is tolerated and often respected. This occurs because of the assumption many (though not all) girls make that guys that don't talk much and keep to themselves are perverted.
Jackass: Care to hear a joke? (tells a dirty joke)

Girl: Hahahaha! That's funny. I'll have to remember that one.

Quieter Guy: (tells same dirty joke)

Girl: You perverted bastard! Is that all you ever think about? You'll never get any if you think jokes like that are funny. Go burn in hell, pervert!

Quieter Guy: Well, I'm probably not going to "get any" anytime soon anyway. God dammit, why do I always cause the Quiet Guy Effect no matter which girl I talk to?
by the dirty liberal July 14, 2009
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