You know the kid. They often wear darker clothes, though it isn't necessary. Normally, this kid will talk to an elite few classmates who don't bug them, make fun of them, or bring them into irrelevant conversations. When you get to know that quiet kid, you can discover they are an individual person with lots of funny thoughts inside. They simply choose to keep them there. When they choose to let their thoughts out, the students laugh, but they're usually good kids, so the teacher's let it slide. Some speak more "properly" than others, depending on their sense of humor.
Mrs. Daniels: Justine, describe phagocytosis for the class.
*class considers whether there is actually a Justine in the school*
Justine: It's like when the space ship comes for the slime monster during its attempt at world domination, but the slime monster makes itself grow a little and eats it.
*class laughs*


Mrs. Powers: And they all lived happily ever after... maybe... or maybe they all died.
Justine: Of course they died... this book was written two hundred years ago.
Crystal: Did you hear what Justine said in English?
Amanda: That girl's name is Justine?.. It's always the quiet kid in the corner.
by bumblebreeze January 11, 2011
Someone who sits in the back and talks to no body; usually someone who says he hates human interaction, but is always making a scene.
Kid 1: Man, have who ever heard the quiet kid in the corner, QKC for short, talk?
Kid 2: Dude, he doesn't talk to anybody, he's got some kind of secret language.
QKC: No ablah espanhol senohr, keen ablah espanhol akey?
Kid 1: Wow, i can't understand a word he's saying
by DanMonkfish December 6, 2009