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Is a sexual act that involves a male with a female (or male) partner or multiple partners. The partner grabs the males penis ( or multiple peni) and proceeds to perform a shaving motion, quickly, on ones face, neck and head area (Similar to the Weedwhacker, which uses a circular motion) usually until ejaculation. The ejaculate helps to sooth the razor burn that accompanies the quick shave.
Helpful Male: "you look like shit dog! The gang shave is in an hour; you need a quick shave!"
Stubbly-Faced Man: "I just had one last night, but, okay! Let's try this again!"

Helpful Male unzips pants
Stubbly-Faced Male grabs penis and shaves vigorously
Stubbly-Faced Male: "All done. But I've got the razor burn!"

Helpful Male: "Here comes the goo!!! Ugh!"
by DismalPole852011 July 27, 2011
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