A test of the firmness and overall composition of the posterior, typically that of the female. The test involves one person attempting to successfully bounce a quarter off of the test subject's derrière and then measuring that subsequent bounce. It is commonly accepted that if a clean bounce launches the quarter about one to two feet into the air, then the test subject has passed. In the fortunate case that the quarter reaches heights above those aforementioned, then the particular pair of buttocks under scrutiny are considered "Serious Badonk". For information on what one's rump is considered when it "swallows" the quarter, please refer to "Cottage Cheese Ass"
Marcus: Boi, I heard you got yo'self a brand new hoe! How dat ass be workin' out fo'ya?

Tre: Shiiieeettt, nigga you know dat bitch be passin' the quarter test!

Marcus: Aaahhhhh! Dat ass must be thicka' than a muthafucka!

Tre: Nigga, you know it!
by TheMainKraut July 18, 2016