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1/4 Nigger, This is truly an abomination it has simian facial features and act and talks like a Homo Africanus. It has light skin like a normal human being but may turn on you in an instant for no apparent reason or provocation. Usually would fit in with most humans but will not hesitate to rape kill or rob you. also see silver back nigger Octocoon
James: Hi sir can you please give me the time

Alex: why certainty its eleven thirty :)

James: thanks sir have a great day..... *punches man in the face and takes his watch* yall see hua mufugga i beez foolin ya , youz beez tinkin i be yt but i's a Quadricoon. peace mufugga oooo eee ook arg.

by Bojack Mcjacks July 04, 2009
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