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When a woman of a low, loose character, aka the neighbourhood crotch delivers more than meals on wheels to horny senior citizens. A brunette who woos and ooos old and frail men only to rid them of every penny they have. She's a dirty desperate gold digging bitch who has no friends because she's an alcoholic slut. Steals grandpa's money so she can buy designer clothes because she can't afford shit. She's a dumb slut who sucks dick for a living.
Viliki: C'mon baby, lick my pussy, that's it up and down baby, now in circular motions, stick your tongue in nice and deep, in and out, faster, fasterrr, fasteeer

Mr Leehey: Ouch, arrrrgh, I just found a set of false teeth in your vagina, yukkk, I'm going to puke

Viliki: Who cares? don't stop, quick stick your tongue in, that's a boy- Puss n Puke, Puss n Puke, Puss n Puke
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