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The act of sending to someone proof of copulation with their mother. So-called because this event sets of a chain of escalating reactions, including, but not limited to: simple battery, revenge fucks, petty vandalism, joyriding crashes, rumor generation, blatant sabotage of relationships and work, and serious violence. This requires that the proof be strong in nature, such as photographs, video, or loud audio. The public and visceral the proof, the stronger the domino reaction. It is not uncommon for bystanders to become involved in the toppling events.

The survivor/winner of such an event can usually lay claim to being the dominant partner in a froating relationship. Similarly, pushing the first domino can be construed as an act of froating, assuming that the initiator can maintain his status in the relationship.

Adapted from a common Cold War political theory which stated that when one nation "falls" to communism, others near it will do so as well.
I'm pushing the first domino; Mike's got the video of his mom and I in his emall inbox now.
by Halc Forstner July 08, 2011
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