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Purple Dick Shift is usually driven by a kid who always thinks he can beat you at skate but fails every single time for a year straight. Their fetishes usually include Amputee's and Prego women. They supposedly get rated solid 8 out of 10's from girls on the internet. They are usually not right in the head. Their fathers really do not appreciate taking their paddle boats on a lake when they are not legally allowed in a house. And the father is mentally abusive. Their foe's generally include gingers, assholes, fresh kids, or anyone that tries to pork their smokin' hot sister.
"Dude, I want to fuck that girl."

"You'll die dude, thats Wess's Sister!!"

"Woah did you see that truck?, Yea i think that was the purple dick shift."
by Eric and antony <333333 May 05, 2010
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