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A Pure Vampire or Inheritor Vampire, are vampires that are born. They are born a human, but around their teenage years (13- 26) the vampire trait inside them are awakened by a chemical which is released in the body, and will start to make physical changes. The process of vampirism takes place during the late years of purberty, he Pure Vampire will remain looking the age of it's late teens or early 20s. A Pure Vampire has to have a vampire parent, or both parents can be vampires. Pure Vampires live to be around 350-400 years old. Inheritor Vampires are part of the Blood Vampire group, thus need to drink blood for energy.
The (Inheritor)Pure Vampire will live life as a normal human, intill the vampirism takes place. It will make physical changes in the body like sharper/longer fangs, eyes and skin become sensitive to sun light, and will crave for blood.
by Dark Gan Ning May 23, 2007
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