The best pain you could experience in the world. He's a really amazing guy with a great smile and good sense of humor, his voice is like sunshine and butterflies ringing all around, he will always make your day better no matter what. He sometimes gets really mad over games but those moments are extremely cute and just makes him sweet little gamer boy. He likes to flirt with every female he meets it's like in his blood so girls don't get baited he is only having fun. He cooks really delicious food, is sometimes really lazy so he fails in class but he's actually really smart.
He likes to shout things like "zaknis" and "Tu durnas???" or even "WhaAaAT"
"did you see pure pain over there he seems quite nice"
"oh ye hes pretty cool just don't get baited"
by Smekla February 25, 2021
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My Ranga Tank guns to your face = Pure Pain
You took my poptop -.-

This is the meaning of Pure Pain. BOOM TO THE FACE!!
by Ranga Tank September 27, 2011
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