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A town that is not so "purdy" at all.

With an elementary, middle school and high school all in one (with 602 students all together).

Purdy is hands down a redneck hillbilly bible beater town.
Purdy is made of hypocrites who think that their 'own shit' don't stink.

Dancing in Purdy is illegal.
Purdy consists of only 2 small stores (Price Cutter and Dollar General), a diner, a flower shop and a gas station on the corner - Purdy Missouri is nothing special at all.
Matthew: Dude, where's that girl from?
David: Oh, that girl Bailey? Dude, that girl is from Purdy.
Matthew: Oh god no! You mean that shitty town full of bible beating money stealing pastors that go to Costa Rica for a week with the church's money?
David: Yeah, don't get near Bailey though, she's been around. Purdy Missouri is a bad deal Matthew.
by Headphone Larry April 25, 2011
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