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An anime so crazy that it need's ritalin. It is about a girl, Poemi Watanabe, A.K.A. Kobayashi a 10-year old girl with severe ADHD. Her girlfriend is Futaba Aasu. Futaba is Poemi's lesbian lover. Futaba also has seven sisters; ranging from preschool to near 30 years old. Poemi is also in love with an octipus named K-Kun
- Poemi Watanabe has the same behaviours as Lil' Jon but on a more severe level

= Her girlfriend Futaba Aasu has six other sisters

1. Hitomi 3
2. Mutsuki 15
3. Shii 18
4. Mitsuaru 22
5. Itsue 25
6. Nanase 28
by Le Mans June 20, 2005
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