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Term for a group of individuals who match the description of geek, ie: physically uncoordinated, weak and/or unattractive men or women, with extremely focused interests in computers, toys, comic books and/or various other niche subjects. Parallels include a Murder of Crows, a Flock of Geese, a Pod of Whales or a Herd of Cattle.

Origin: Coined accidentally by Eric Vespe ("Quint") by incorrectly spelling phrase 'bunch of geeks' as 'punch of geeks' during an interview with Jane Goldman on April 13, 2010 at Aint It Cool News.
1. So Kelly and me were at the mall, passing that game store, when a punch of geeks came pouring out with all their books and dice bags.

2. Can you punch of geeks tell me where the Star Trek convention is?
by blogtopus April 13, 2010
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