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While your bangin' a phat chick in the tailpipe on a balcony, you pour orange paint all over her rolls, shout "FIRE IN THE HOLE", then punt her ass off.
After I was done seedin' this plumper's patch, I gave her the ol' pumpkin chunkin'.
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
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The act of having a sexual act "doggy style" and then putting a hollowed out pumpkin on the recipient of the "doggy style". Then once the recipient looks like that sleepy hallow dude, one humps the monster through a wall. Thus the pumpkin chunk.
Browski #1: Dude its halloween are you gonna bone that chick.
Browski #2: Ya bro, im totally gonna be pumpkin chunkin that whore tonight
Browski #3: Poop Dick bro Poop Dick.
by The Douche Rocketier November 26, 2010
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