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Pulling a skelly is quite a complex occurence. Using words that no one could possibly understand, speaking in Old English, Latin, or another foreign language for no better reason than to show off, writing obscene amounts of poetry, and having a music library as old as the dinosaurs are all potential candidates for pulling a skelly.

You've probably heard many people pulling a skelly. It takes a combination of ego, intelligence, and pretentiousness to correctly execute. Has anyone ever said something and it either made you:
A) become confused as to what was said because you couldn't understand any of the terms
B) become enraged due to the amount of "I'm-better-than-you" sentiment in the statement
C) wish you could jump in front of the nearest moving vehicle to escape the annoying, droning voice?

Well, then you've heard someone pull a skelly. Anyone is capable of pulling a skelly at some point; though the most likely people to pull a skelly on a regular basis are your really academic friends, who live in their own little world and don't pay attention to anyone else on a regular basis.
Dude1: I don’t like any band post-1980. They’re crap.
Dude2: Most bands pre-1980 are crap. You just pulled a skelly.

Dude1: Hey man, I just saw your call. Sorry that my phone was on silent.
Dude2: Damn it dude, we needed to get ahold of you. You pulled a skelly.

Pretends to be the professor until the professor actually arrives... and then proceeds to defeat the professor's every point, whether they are right or not, is pulling a skelly.

Dude1: You milk-livered recalcitrant, why hast thou proffered my PC machine thou stunning cutpurse?
Dude2: Dude, what the hell did you just say? I only understood PC machine. Stop pulling a skelly.

Using overly flashy and pretentious motions when pretending to smoke. We get it dude, you think you're cool. Enjoy lung cancer, and pulling a skelly.

Girl1: Hey guys, I just heard this guy talking, and I was all like 'what the hell is he saying... it sounds like English but I don't understand it.'
Dude1: Haha, that sounds like someone was pulling a skelly. Good thing you got away. It could have lasted awhile.

Girl1: So this guy in my class was talking about all these bands, and I hadn't heard of a single one of them. Then he said his music library was like the most epic thing ever.
Dude1: Yeah, that guy totally pulled a skelly on you.

Dude1: Video games today are just so boring and pointless. I'll stick with Tetris and Atari games.
Dude2: I think you just listed two of the most pointless games ever created. Nice skelly you just pulled.
by Anti-Buzzkill Laws January 09, 2011
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