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The act of sniping/stealing (aggregating) another person's content without said person's prior consent or deliberatly lacking adequate citation in an attempt to credit the content's creator.

Unless, of course, said thief is approached in masses to credit a content's op in light of being offered a contract to write a book, even though the thief has probably never read an entire book without the forced intervention of an education supervisor (teacher).
"My girlfriend is so funny. Look at all these hilarious memes she's texting me."

"Dude, she's totally pulling a fatjew on you... I saw that on tumblr 3 months ago. Your gf is lame af."

"Why are you on tumblr? You're 31?"

"That's not the issue in question here, Jack!... Focus, for cripes sake."
by SirAsshat January 17, 2016
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