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Getting shit faced at a bowling alley because of you are:

1). A tool
2). Need an excuse for why you suck at bowling
3). An Alcoholic
4). An underage idiot who is begging to get caught because you are throwing the ball from their seats and shouting at families next to you
Example 1:
Person 1: Did you really just chug that entire bottle? We are at a bowling not a fucking frat party, Jesus

Person 2: Shut Up, I can handle this, I'm fine, I got his, don't worry

20 minutes later

Person 1: Get off the god damn floor and sit down, we are bowling. And Stop shouting at those kids over there, they are like 14.

Person 2: Hahahahahhaha, what are you talking about, Im fine, hahahaha, I kinda wanna dance now. Lets run in the parking lot!!!!

Next Day

Person 1: Hey, how you feeling?

Person 2: Ughhh, I feel like shit, I had to work this morning, it sucked ass.

Person 1: Well thats what you get for Pulling a Willow
by Beavis1029 September 25, 2010
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