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To welsh on a bet after talking an incredibly large amount of smack about a sports team(normally the nuthugger of a particular team, usually in college or pro sports). To include completely ignoring and avoiding all contract with anyone, or any website, that the winning betting party, and/or that party's friend's, frequent(including social networking websites). To swindle someone out of the money one has laid as a bet is known as pulling a Ted Bell.
Scenario 1:

Friend: "Did that guy ever pay up on that bet with the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide in 2009?"

Bet winner: "Nope, dude is pulling a Ted Bell and has disappeared off the map. So much for that C-Note he owes me, I'll probably never see it."

Scenario 2:

Friend: "Say, what ever came about with the bet you had with that guy on the Packers/Cowboys game?"

Bet winner: "Uh, yeah, he apparently decided pulling a Ted Bell was the way to go. He hasn't posted since the night of that game when his team lost and no one has heard from him since. Dude still owes me 1 large."
by Lone Sailor January 23, 2011
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