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Gallivanting with exuberance through a valley, over a hill, across a field, or into a sunset. Usually performed until physical exhaustion resulting in collapse.
Internal Monologue- “I need to be writing, but my writers block makes me wants to take off running into the wheat field around this building, arms stretched wide, until I collapse. I can just imagine judgmental eyes starring on from the parking lot as they silently ponder the reason why I’m “Pulling a Sound of Music” this afternoon. “Did he get fired?” “Is someone chasing him?” “Should we run too?” When I tire, I’ll take a swan dive into the wheat and disappear below the stocks; out of sight. That’s where I’ll lie until I can come to grips with sitting at my desk for the rest of the day. I’m sure security will be called due to this strange behavior and they’ll surely investigate only to find me slowly disappearing out of sight and into the Kansas abyss. They’ll laugh and dub me the “Wheat Runner”. A slow walk back will return me to the building and my desk where I will, of course, deny ever having done such a thing despite the numerous eye witness accounts.
by Darren Besert March 29, 2017
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