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When you purposely ignore someone for the fun of it, and then pretend to get mad at them for cluttering up the chat room because they tried to reach you for a period of time. (this is via internet chat/ or texting)

This is named after a Gamer who's name was "MyBack" and would do this in group chat.
Man one: Hello! 9:30
Man one: Hello? 9:35
Man one: r u there? 9: 53
Man one: Plz answer! 10:00
Man one: It's important! 10:15
Man one: r u listening to me? 10:23
Man one: dude (or chick) PLEASE PICK UP IT'S IMPORTANT 10:43
Man one: ok ill see you later.... 10:54
Man two: SHUT UP 10:54 (one second later)
Man one: dude u r srsly pulling a myback
by @RichAbbottLOL January 13, 2015
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