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The act in which a dedicated wingman/woman seals the deal with the main target's ugly friend, thus allowing YOU ample space to make your move on the babe/hunk.

The term is derived from the Star Trek quote "To boldly go where no man has gone before..." and should be used to emphasise that the fugly friend was so incredibly nasty that it is presumed that she/he had probably never had connection with the human race in such a way before.

Although predominantly used in wingmanship, it can also be used in context of someone merely pulling an ugly person whilst blind drink for humorous effect.
Bloke 1 - Maaaayyyyyyte I saw you pull that fine girl last night!! Lucky prick, how'd you trick her into bed?
Bloke 2 - F*ck you, lol. I had my wing, Frank, helped me out see. Pulled a proper Star Trek for us, he did.
Bloke 1 - Pulling a Star Trek? No shit?! How bad?
Bloke 2 - .....Fink I saw a monobrow on her, fam....
Bloke 1 - LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!
Bloke 2 - ....and a tache. Eurgh.
Bloke 1 - Nasty. Where's he now?
Bloke 2 - .................…
Bloke 1 - Shit.… RIP, Frank.
by Tex and his Milkshake July 25, 2013
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